We are asking for your help to reduce the costs of our Midnight Walk.

If you know of anyone who can help with the items on the list below, PLEASE get in touch. Thank you so much in advance! Contact Clare Frith on 01606 555685, email: clare_frith@stlukes-hospice.co.uk

‘Shopping List’:
Squeezy tomato ketchup 10 x 1 litre
Squeezy brown sauce 10 x 1 litre
Sugar sachets qty 2,000
Foam cups qty 2,000
Drink stirrers qty 1,000
Fruit juice 10 x 1 litres
Tea bags qty 1,500
Nescafe coffee 3 x 750g
Paper napkins qty 3,000
Chocolate bars qty 1,500
Bottled still water 1,000 x 250 or 330ml