Emma Jones contacted St Luke’s earlier this year saying that she was doing a sponsored silence. She played down just how much effort she was putting into the background and publicity of her efforts. This is Emma’s very moving story and the wonderful video that she has made.

“When my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2008 it shattered the lives of my family and being my mum’s only girl, I really felt the pain.

Emma Jones and mum June13In spite of her diagnosis, mum continued to style her hair, put on her lipstick and smile that big, cheeky grin  – the one that told us she’d fight to the very end!

But, over time, she lost her hair and with that she certainly felt part of her femininity was taken. It was heart-breaking to watch such a courageous woman put up fight after fight, with the odds always against her.

St Luke’s Hospice came in to my mum’s life at this time – a time when she needed it more than ever. She was given complementary therapy and with that came moments of relaxation, that, even for just a short while, allowed her to rest and be at ease.

Being young throughout my mum’s illness meant that it was only after she had died that I learned just how much St Luke’s had helped her. My Nanna and Grandad couldn’t speak more highly of the care and comfort they gave to mum, and that alone was enough to make me want to help them in some way.

So, I decided to do something that my mum would never believe possible – BE QUIET! This year, on the fifth anniversary of my mum’s death I shut up for 24 hours and raised £2,500 for this wonderful charity. I was amazed at how supportive friends, family and strangers were and it was lovely hearing the ways in which St Luke’s Hospice has touched the lives of so many other people.

Emma, 2013

Emma, 2013

On behalf of us all, St Luke’s – Thank you Emma Jones”

Here is the wonderful video that Emma has made