Trying to get conversations started, one sentence at a time.

One of the services that St Luke’s leads on is known as ‘Cheshire Living Well, Dying Well’. We know that this title may scare some people but the work that the team are doing is cutting edge across the country.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had made the time and opportunity to talk to loved ones about our wishes (before we needed to plan ‘for the end’?)  Better still, what about making a list of what you want to do now, while everyone is well!  This is the aim of the project – to get people to have conversations with each other about the things that matter in life.

“Personally I have started writing my emotional will for my family.  Two days after the session, my friend’s mum died very suddenly, it brought into very sharp focus some of things that were raised at the session.  For me also it highlighted just how important being part of a community is and how many people live such very isolated lives nowadays.” Ruth Blakebrough-Miller

Free community talks and training sessions for staff and volunteers are available for anyone who lives or works in Cheshire East / Cheshire West and Chester, please contact the CLWDW Programme Team for further information.

Tel: 01606 551246 Email:

Or: Get a group of family members or friends together! Invite us to come and help you get the conversations started.

Internationally, we are spreading the word!

The Cheshire Living Well, Dying Well (CLWDW) Programme Team were proud to present 2 poster submissions at the prestigious 3rd International Public Health and Palliative Care Conference, which took place in April in Limerick.

Rachel Zammit, Macmillan CLWDW Public Health Programme Lead said, “It was a fantastic opportunity to promote the innovative work taking place in Cheshire.  The aim of the programme is to improve health and wellbeing by encouraging people to consider, discuss and communicate their wishes for the rest and end of their lives and to make plans as early as possible.  By working in partnership, the team and Partnership Champions aim to really make a difference in supporting communities to make healthy choices and to live and die well”.

As part of National Dying Matters Week in May, the Cheshire Living Well, Dying Well Partnership also held a Showcase Event at St Luke’s to celebrate achievements to date and to plan for the future.

Pictured: Rachel Zammit, Macmillan CLWDW Programme Lead, Siobhan Horton, Matron/Clinical Director of St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice and Adrienne Batley, Trustee of St Luke’s.