Meet Val. She was one of our Midnight Walk ladies … but did it on a cruise ship!

Val has been part of our Midnight Walks since they began. When she saw the date of this year’s walk, she was devastated as she was booked to be on holiday. Jane Thompson (organiser of our walks) encouraged Val to ‘do it on the cruise’. So that is just what she did.

“Having completed most of the Midnight Walks, I thought I would have to miss it this year as I was on a cruise. However, ‘No way!’ was the response from Jane Thompson and she suggested that I still did it on the ship.”

Departing on 23 June, the cruise set sail from Southampton visiting Madeira, Canary Islands and Lisbon. Val received heaps of support and sponsorship from other guests and staff as she geared up for the 13.1 mile around the Oceana ship.

Val took on the walk, alone, around the deck of the ship in the middle of the night.

“With the help and support of Captain Simon Terry, I began pacing around the deck in the pitch black and with no one about it was very scary, but my thoughts were instead with my sister who was cared for by St Luke’s. We cannot thank the team at St Luke’s enough for all their hard work and I will always carry on fundraising for the charity as long as possible as they are very dear to my heart.

I met some lovely people on board the cruise who were more than happy to sign my sponsorship form which made it all the more worthwhile. I’m still getting people stopping me in the street to sponsor me and I’m hoping to raise £1,000 plus some gift aid once all of the money is collected. I would also like to say a big thank you to all my friends who took my word that I would do it and I did!”

Thank you Val. Along with the other fantastic ladies who took to the streets of Nantwich and Crewe, you have helped to raise money for 23 full days of hospice care for our community.