Dear nana and grandad. Have you got some money for St Luke’s?

Meet Ben from Crewe. He loves nothing more than seeing a St Luke’s collecting box and dropping some pennies into it. Now aged two, Ben has been collecting money for the hospice ever since he could toddle about and likes to make sure that money is about whenever he visits his grandparents.

His nan Lyn Rotherham is a keen supporter of St Luke’s,

“Ben makes us chuckle. He loves putting money into the St Luke’s little house and is even more pleased now that he has a new ‘blue’ house, the colour of Everton his favourite football team.”

Thanks nan and granddad for teaching young Ben about the joy of giving.

Do you know of another young St Luke’s supporter? Let’s us know. If you’d like a little house for home to drop some pennies into, please get in touch with us.