Inspirational Crewe resident Tim Lloyd was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in 2009 and received treatment which included chemo, radiotherapy and surgery. After Tim was given the all clear the experience took a toll on him physically and emotionally. Tim joined the 12 week FitStart programme at St Luke’s to reduce his fatigue, improve his strength and immune system plus increase muscle tone.

The Fitstart programme aids improvement in symptoms and helps the body and mind to remain as healthy as possible. The programme is run over a 7 week period and is suitable for men and women. Experienced fitness instructors in health care and fitness lead the programme, facilitated by a Hospice therapist.

Then in 2014 Tim was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and Aspiration Pneumonia, as a result of treatment his stamina and energy was affected. Tim has returned to the FitStart Programme and attends every Thursday at Winsford Lifestyle Centre. The course has allowed Tim to use the exercise bike, weights and the treadmill to improve mobility.

Tim said, “If it wasn’t for the FitStart course and getting me back into exercise and building my strength up I don’t think I would have got through it as well as I have. It’s certainly helped me having been diagnosed with cancer six years ago and being in remission for five years and then having this wammie of prostate cancer and needed radiotherapy again.”

“I think St Luke’s Hospice is a haven. I think it’s an oasis. It’s a tremendous service and most of the people within the organisation are volunteers make it even more special. The facilities give you enthusiasm, motivation, inspiration to carry on.”

Last year one of Tim’s goals was to walk from Chester Cathedral to Lichfield Cathedral in five days with his wife Karen which he achieved and raised £500 for St Luke’s Hospice. But Tim hasn’t stop there, he took part in the Bubble Rush, a hospice event last month and had a great time.

Pauline Burdsall, Complementary Therapist said “Tim is a beacon of positivity and when he puts his mind to something he gives it 100%. He demonstrated this when he challenged himself to walk from Chester to Lichfield Cathedral and took part in the Bubble Rush. Tim is an avid supporter of St Luke’s and does what he can to support his hospice and for that we thank him.”

If you would like to know more about the FitStart programme please get in touch with Complementary Therapy Coordinator Pauline Burdsall on 01606 555681or email