A message from Matron, Wendy Field:

“1-7 June is a national awareness week known as Volunteers Week, a chance for us to say thank you. In 2014 our volunteers contributed 84,145 hours of their time. This was equivalent to £546,942 if national minimum wage was paid. This is a truly remarkable service to St Luke’s.

People volunteer for many different (and often personal reasons), working in all aspects of Hospice care and all parts of the communities we serve.

Often fuss or grand gestures are declined as people give up their time and skills regularly for the benefit of others. THANK YOU for being part of our team and supporting people through difficult times in their lives, we couldn’t do it without you’

St Luke’s is so proud of our incredible team of volunteers – they all make a real difference to the lives of people around them and in their community.

On behalf of everyone at St Luke’s we say a massive thank you to every single volunteer!”