Can you imagine how it would feel to have nobody to tell how you’re feeling, talk about everyday things like the weather, what’s on TV or no one to enjoy a cup of tea with?

According to research from Age, UK around 1 million people regularly go an entire month without speaking to anyone.

Here at St Luke’s, we have addressed this issue by developing a variety of engagement and befriending models to try and reduce social isolation in our local community. However we want to expand this throughout mid and south Cheshire so no one is alone. With funding from the Aviva Communuity Fund we believe we can improve this service.

How the Aviva Community Fund can help us

We would like to fund a full-time community engagement worker on a 12 month contract who would operate across our catchment area, working with groups and helping them to build a compassionate community of their own, incorporating befriending and other supportive services.

Compassionate Communities involves towns and villages setting up their own volunteer befriending service to help people with long-term illnesses stay in touch with their local community.

For many people becoming frail or living with a long-term illness is not only physically debilitating but can also lead to a person becoming socially isolated. People can feel lonely and such loneliness, over time, may lead to a crisis in someone’s health and well being as they become increasingly isolated from those around them.

How you can help

Please vote for St Luke’s and together we can help to build a compassionate community. It is free to vote and once registered you have chance to vote up to 10 times, simply search for St Luke’s to find our page.