Here at St Luke’s we provide a range of services to help patients, their families and carers live with the changes brought about by life limiting illness. We also invest time and resources into conducting groundbreaking cancer research in collaboration with Universities nationwide.

We also aim to respond to the changing needs in our community.

One of those changes is that more and more people live beyond or with cancer for many years.  While this is good news, many cancer survivors tell us that the journey back to feeling ‘normal’ is not always easy and they rightly turn to us for support.cancer research

This is where we need your help

Kathleen Vandenberghe has been part of the Hospice Family Support and Counselling service since 1999 and she is currently carrying out research into Cancer Survivorship in conjunction with Bournemouth University.

The Cancer survivor rate has doubled in the last 40 years meaning that more and more people are seeking to rebuild their sense of ‘normality’ after finishing treatment. Cancer survivors tell us that this is not as simple as it sounds. The research aims to expand our understanding of what cancer means for people who are at different times post-treatment.

How you can help

Perhaps this is you?

  • I was diagnosed with bowel cancer
  • I have no known active cancer at the moment
  • I am close to one of the following three situations:

What does this cancer research involve?

  • A brief introductory meeting and 2 interviews up to 1.5 hours each, with Kathleen to understand your personal unique experience
  • Exploration of your experience through dialogue, with the use of some creative methods

What will be done with the results?

  • We aim to increase the effectiveness of support services by informing health professionals
  • With the research, we believe that a better understanding will result in more effective support and will have a positive impact on people’s ability to cope.

Results will be communicated anonymously to participants, other cancer survivors, and their families.

Find out more

Download the introductory letter

Download the research project document

If you or somebody you know has finished treatment for bowel cancer and correspond closely to the criteria described, we would be very grateful if you would contact Kathleen for more information on 01606 555 693 or email

Thank you very much in advance.