A Grandad who is famous in Winsford for transforming his Station Road house into a winter wonderland has astounded the town once again.

David Robinson, 68, has been spreading his Christmas cheer in Winsford for around 20 years by turning his house into a huge display of lights and life-size Christmas figures.

This year, David and his brother-in-law Melvyn spent four days decorating the house, and he is now appealing to the public to repay them for their efforts by helping them raise money for St Luke’s.

Everyone in Winsford at some point has been helped by St Luke’s so I think everybody gives a little bit more.

– David Robinson, St Luke’s supporter

David said: “We’ve been doing this for about 20 years but we didn’t do it for charity at first, it was just something for the grandkids.

“We only started doing it for charity when people started throwing money over the fence onto the lawn. We picked it all up and decided it wasn’t right to keep it, we should give it to charity.

“We raised money for all sorts of charities but then when we did it for St Luke’s we got more money than ever. Everyone in Winsford at some point has been helped by St Luke’s so I think everybody gives a little bit more.

“Last year was £1,200 and that was the best we have done but hopefully we can reach that again this time.

“Thank you to everyone who has donated. I can put up as many lights as you want, but unless people put their hands in their pocket, it’s all for nothing.”

All donations from the public over the festive season will go to St Luke’s, with David set to count the money raised after the lights come down on New Year’s Day.

Angela Slack, community fundraising manager, said: “We are always incredibly grateful to David and family for his efforts and the community and businesses who donate to St Luke’s.

“The Station Road Christmas lights are a well-known tradition in Winsford and St Luke’s are extremely proud to be associated with them. Thank you to everyone.”

Support from local businesses in Winsford

David made an extra appeal this year to businesses in the town to help fund replacement lights.

He has funded his display since he started it around 20 years ago but after retirement, he turned to local companies to help provide replacements for his existing equipment.

“I used to fund it myself but I retired two years ago and lights only last so long,” David said.

“This year for the first time we’ve had donations from some business – Swift Electrical, Rose Recruitment, Sunrise Nursery, Damp Solutions, B&M, and Aldi, and we’d like to pay a huge thank you to them all – it would be really helpful if some businesses could help us out again for next year too.”