An 80-year-old lady from Winsford is set to put her fears aside when she takes part in a Skydive for St Luke’s.

Vera Rogers is to fulfil an ambition on Saturday 11th March when she takes on the challenge in Whitchurch where she will jump out of a plane from 10,000 feet attached to a professional instructor.

“I recently turned 80 and I have said for some time I wanted to do a Skydive as I am really fortunate enough to still be fit enough,” said Vera. “My friends and family cannot believe it when I tell them what I’m getting ready to do. I asked my daughter if she could help me to find somewhere to do it and when I heard about the event organised by St Luke’s, I didn’t think twice about signing up.”vera-rogers

“Most of us have had friends and family who have been affected by cancer. In Winsford, we are so lucky to have St Luke’s on our doorstep to care for those who need it. Some close friends of mine have been cared for at the Hospice so I know the incredible care that they provide; it is a charity very close to my heart and I want to raise what I can to help.”

Vera recently retired from Fords of Winsford where she worked as a cleaner for almost twenty years. She has supported St Luke’s Hospice for a number of years and has taken part in the Midnight Walk an incredible ten times. Vera is aiming to raise £650 in sponsorship, if you would like to sponsor her, please visit her Just Giving page.

“We are so lucky to have St Luke’s on our doorstep to care for those who need it.” – Vera Rogers, fundraiser

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