As a valued supporter of St Luke’s we are truly grateful for the support you give and would like to clarify a story you may have seen in local Guardian newspaper, dated 23rd February.

Like many other charities, St Luke’s operates in a highly challenging fundraising environment and we rely heavily on support from local people like you. Our Board of Trustees understand these challenges and worked together to produce a five year plan to strengthen our ability to sustain the future of the Hospice.

Like all good organisations, we have continued to monitor the progress of our finance plans and have increased and diversified our fundraising activities. In order to deliver a balanced budget for the next financial year we are following best practice to review our income and expenditure, and to retain an appropriate level of financial reserves as advised by our governing body, the Charity Commission.

Charities are regulated by the Charity Commission and report any deficits at the time of submission of their annual report and accounts. We chose to report early, and as such we are currently in contact with the commission. This is good practice and this dialogue is ongoing. Whilst we do this, minimising the impact on patient care remains our utmost priority.

We recently completed an exercise which gave staff the opportunity to share their employment preferences with the organisation, which included voluntary redundancy terms or reducing working hours in line with service needs. This process forms part of an ongoing organisational review that has been approved by the Trustee Board and has been built into our plans for a sustainable future.

Last week we accepted the resignation of our CEO, Andrea Ladeira. St Luke’s Chairman Richard Parker three year tenure of office will come to its completion at the end of March 2017, this is standard practice and the recruitment process for a new Chair is already underway. The Chairman, together with a committed Board of Trustees, retains overall responsibility for St Luke’s, and day to day operations at the Hospice continue to be managed by our experienced Senior Management Team.

Together, we are working closely as a team to ensure that these challenging times do not affect the exceptional care that we give to our patients and their families. Director of Care Wendy Wilson said, “St Luke’s is undoubtedly facing a challenging future so I can’t emphasize how important it is that local people continue to support the services we provide. As you would expect, the care we give to our patients and their families remains our utmost priority so I would like to thank you for your support as we move through this challenging time.”