1-7 June is National Volunteers’ Week 2017, a time for organisations across the country to come together and say thank you to everyone who gives their time to help others. Here at St Luke’s, we can never thank our volunteers enough.

Our volunteers stay true to the values of St Luke’s and they play a vital part in our team and for that, we are so grateful. Volunteers vary widely in age and background and are valued for their diverse talents, skills and commitment.

Many of our volunteers have personal reasons for supporting St Luke’s, others like to feel as though they are giving something back or are putting some of their spare time to good use.

As well as financial donations, St Luke’s relies on the help and support of volunteers; they make a huge contribution and we value each and every one of them.

Throughout Volunteers’ Week we will be sharing the amazing work that our volunteers get involved with and thanking our supporters for their ongoing commitment to St Luke’s.

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A message from Matron, Wendy Field:

“1st-7th June is a national awareness week known as Volunteers Week, a chance for us to say thank you. 

People volunteer for many different (and often personal reasons), working in all aspects of Hospice care and all parts of the communities we serve.

Often fuss or grand gestures are declined as people give up their time and skills regularly for the benefit of others. Thank you for being part of our team and supporting people through difficult times in their lives, we couldn’t do it without you’

St Luke’s is so proud of our incredible team of volunteers – wherever and however you volunteer for us you’re helping to build a supportive network across our communities that can make a difference to all of us when we need it most.

On behalf of everyone at St Luke’s we say a massive thank you to every single volunteer!”

Start volunteering this Volunteers’ Week

If you are interested in joining our incredible team of volunteers, we’d love to hear from you. The beauty of volunteering is you can work it around your current commitments, we are just so grateful for any time you can spare to help St Luke’s. Volunteer roles vary to suit all sorts of interests and skill sets. Find out more about volunteering.