We’re back in camp after walking 23km. Short walk tomorrow before our mammoth journey back to Marrakech. Hopefully should be able to send some pictures tomorrow.


This really is a journey for everyone. They all have their own reason for doing this and it’s incredibly emotional and physically difficult.

We’ve stopped for lunch out of the heat – such a relief! Hard to think this is our last full day of trekking but I think we’ll be glad to leave behind the “Sahara showers” for a proper one!


No signal last night, sorry! It was so hot yesterday and we struggled a little but a 20km trek we did. We made it to camp, had a rest and watched the Berbers make flatbread on the fire – completely surreal!

It’s an emotional and physically difficult journey for many but team St Luke’s are powering through.

This morning it’s a mean earlier start at 6am and woken to the Berber’s morning prayer and camels making all sorts of strange noises!

Another 20km awaits us today…