St Luke’s is on the look-out for budding entrepreneurs to take part in its latest challenge.

The Hospice is becoming a ‘Dragons Den’ for its £50 Challenge aimed at local schools.

The concept is simple – St Luke’s provides a class or year group with £50 start-up capital and in return they develop their ideas and entrepreneurial skills to turn it into as much profit as possible for the Hospice.

Mandy Shaw, a fundraiser at St Luke’s, said: “The £50 Challenge has been designed specifically for schools and is similar to the Dragon’s Den TV programme.

“Once students have come up with their money-making idea they can present it as a pitch to our £50 Challenge Board when we visit their school. We promise we’re not as scary as the real Dragons!

“The students could use the £50 to buy cake ingredients for example to hold a large bake sale in the school, or to purchase materials to make goods to sell at the school summer fair.

“The whole process will help students develop a range of transferable skills such as teamwork, problem solving and leadership, whilst they work hard to turn their £50 into profit for St Luke’s.”

St Luke’s Chairman, Mike Ridley, added: “Over the past couple of years we have been delighted to see more and more local schools supporting St Luke’s. The students are the future of our community and I believe it is important that we support their learning and appreciation of our local Hospice.

“I am so excited to see what creative ideas are developed with our £50 investment.”

Winnington Park Primary School in Northwich is one of the first schools to sign up to the £50 Challenge. Click here for more information.