03/10/2016 - 07/10/2016 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Put your pen to great work this Will Week

‭No one likes to ‭talk about dying, ‭we understand that. ‭But how much do we talk about the future?

‭Growing families, grandchildren, moving home, ‭summer holidays, changing jobs, retirement, ‭and all of these future plans involve talking about finances. Your Will is no different; ‭it’s planning for their future.

‭For one week only, local participating ‭solicitors have agreed to waive their ‭entire fee for Will-making in return ‭for a donation to St Luke’s. The suggested ‭donation for your Will is £100 and this will ‭come straight to St Luke’s.

Making a ‭Will ensures that your family’s future ‭is secure, that your wishes will be ‭followed through and reduces any ‭additional stress or upset for your ‭loved ones. ‭So take care of the people you love this Will Week; your Will will plan for their future and your ‭donation will help us plan for ours.

Here is a list of all the solicitors supporting ‭Will Week. To book an appointment ‭please contact them directly and mention ‭St Luke’s Will Week to ensure you are ‭allocated the correct slot.

‭Mosshaselhurst Solicitors – fully booked

  • Northwich, 01606 74301
  • Windford, 01606 592159

‭Poole Alcock LLP Solicitors – fully booked

  • Alsager, 01270 876550
  • Crewe, ‭01270 256665
  • Nantwich, 01270 625478

‭Beswicks Legal

  • Nantwich, 01270 504850

‭Butcher and Barlow LLP Solicitors – fully booked

  • ‭Northwich, 01606 47523

‭DPB Will Writing Services

  • ‭Crewe, 01270 257681‭

Hall Smith Whittingham Solicitors

  • Crewe, 01270 212000
  • Nantwich, 01270 610300

Hibberts LLP Solicitors – fully booked

  • ‭Crewe, 01270 215117
  • Nantwich, 01270 624225
  • ‭Tarporley, 01829 733338