Gardenbury brings you the fun of a festival from the comfort of your garden.

With festival season in full swing we’re looking forward to hearing live sets throughout the summer, but we don’t all have tickets, so we’re delighted to bring you Gardenbury!

Organising a mini festival in your own back garden is the perfect way to celebrate the festival season and get the great feeling that comes from helping St Luke’s.

Organising your Gardenbury

Pick a date. Glastonbury (which inspired us to create Gardenbury) is the last weekend in June, but with the festival season in full swing for the whole summer, your Gardenbury can be held on a day that suits you.

Tell us about it. We can support your event with buckets, balloons, stickers and even banners – anything that will help you raise money for St Luke’s. Call our fundraising team on 01606 555811 or email

Choose a theme. With so many festivals this summer your Gardenbury could take inspiration from Glastonbury with camping and wellies, Bestival with a fancy dress theme, or channel the chilled vibes of Into the Woods with quirky decorations and lighting.

Invite your guests. Text them, tweet them, set up a group on Facebook, or go all out and create your own invitations. However you choose to invite them, remember that a wristband or VIP Lanyard when they arrive will bring an immediate smile and help them embrace your Gardenbury.

Begin your planning. From food and drink, to decorations and lighting, these elements will help bring your theme to life. Don’t forget to think about the added extras – a pile of blankets for your guests to relax on or keep cosy when the night cools down, if your Gardenbury is family friendly then activities, games and a their dedicated private area is essential! Take inspiration from our photo gallery.

Organise your playlist. If you’re watching live Glastonbury coverage on the red button or listening on the radio then this is easily taken care of. If the weather is dry you could move your TV or radio outside, or keep it sheltered in a doorway close to your garden. There are other festivals covered on TV, radio and YouTube throughout the summer so there is plenty of choice, or have a browse for festival inspired playlists.

If live music is more your thing then consider an acoustic set – from playing your own guitar and having a sing-along to organising a local band or DJ to play, you really can make Gardenbury exactly what you want.

Donation jam jarRemember St Luke’s. Whether you charge for tickets, ask for donations or hold a raffle, every penny that your raise will help St Luke’s to keep providing specialist palliative nursing care to local people and their families. We have created a list of simple ideas you could incorporate to help you raise money.

Share your Gardenbury. Just like a festival we want you to make memories at your Gardenbury, and the easiest way to share these moments is online. Use the tag #MyGardenbury whenever you post or tweet and we’ll be able to see your incredible Gardenbury and share inspiration with our supporters, thank you.