Your Gardenbury can raise money for St Luke’s in so many different ways, here a few of our favourite ideas to get you started.

VIP entry

lanyardsIs your Gardenbury ‘access all areas’ or VIP only? We have a fantastic design you can download so all your guests can have a VIP pass, or if children are coming along you could ask them to design some wristbands from ribbon and beads for everyone to wear for the true festival experience.

If your Gardenbury is child friendly why not consider making a kids only tent with chairs and an old bed sheet, they could have their own coloured wristband for their private tent! Adult trespassers must make a donation!

Food and drink

beer barrowFestivals are all about the food, but your Gardenbury can be exactly what you want – keep things as simple or unusual as you would like. Donation jars by the BBQ or drinks station are an easy way to collect your donations.

An alternative option to the BBQ could be pizza making where everyone gets to make their own pizzas and bake them in an outside pizza oven. Later on you could toast marshmallows on a fire pit, or use the kids’ wendy house as pudding station. After all the dancing you can offer guests a boost with a pick and mix, just don’t forget your donation jar!

Face painting

Festival face paintGardenbury is a chance to go with the festival dress code, and face painting is a fun and unique way for everyone to get involved. Your face painting station could be manned or unmanned, simply add your donation jar to the table.

Lovely loos

Queues at Gardenbury are a think of the past, so give your guests a chance to say thank you for the fresh scent and stash of loo roll with a donations jar in your lavatory!

Camping tickets

tent teepeeDepending on how much you’re embracing the festival theme (and of course what the weather is doing!) you might decide to offer guests the chance to camp, a great way to extend the party and another way to raise more money for St Luke’s!

Share #MyGardenbury online

Just like a festival we want you to make memories at your Gardenbury, and the easiest way to share these moments is online. Use the tag #MyGardenbury whenever you post or tweet so we can see your incredible Gardenbury and encourage other supporters to organise their own event, thank you.