If you fancy doing something a bit different for Go Yellow Friday, download our ideas sheet to help you raise as much as you can. From sports tournaments to coffee mornings, there’s sure to be a fundraising activity for everyone!

Organise a tournament

If you are part of a sports club or society, why not organise a competition on Go Yellow Friday? Participants can pay to enter and the money goes to St Luke’s!

Sunflower growing competition

Plant some seeds and see whose grows the tallest by Go Yellow Friday!
You could charge each person £1 to enter. Or how about organising a plant sale after school and inviting parents and family.

Big Yellow Walk

Organise a sponsored walk or toddle waddle on Go Yellow Friday or ask people to pay an entry fee.

Hold your own

Organise a Big Yellow Lunch or coffee morning on Go Yellow Friday; all wear yellow and bring some yellow goodies to eat. We can provide you with collection buckets to have out on display.

Guess how many yellow sweets are in the jar

You can also include a good old fashioned raffle! Ask for donations from family, friends and colleagues – charge £1.00 to enter. A sweet way to make Go Yellow Friday a fun day!

Knit something yellow

Put your knitting to good use on Go Yellow Friday and knit or crochet some little creations which we can then sell in and around the Hospice!

Take a ‘Yelfie’

You can also Go Yellow on social media. Why not take a ‘yelfie’? Take a picture of yourself wearing, holding or posing in front of something yellow, post it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter tagging St Luke’s and using the hashtag #GoYellowFriday.

Text YELL00 £1 to 70070 to donate to St Luke’s Hospice and make a difference today.