Community befrienders

There are many people in the community who are not able to live as independently as they would like due to living with a palliative condition.

St Luke’s, with the help of amazing volunteers, try to tackle this problem and reduce the incidence of loneliness across the communities we support. We are doing this by recruiting and supporting volunteer Befrienders, people who choose to give their time, care and support to help a person with a palliative condition feel a little more connected to the world around them and a little less alone.

Befrienders offer companionship, regular visits, emotional and often practical support, they are a link to the wider community. Often a Befriender will visit the person they are matched with weekly, sometimes more often, they may sit in, chat and have a cup of tea or go out for a drive, visit a garden centre or share a meal together. Each befriending relationship is different, just as each one of us is different, and matches are made based on needs and abilities, likes and dislikes, along with practical considerations, such as distance and timing.

St Luke’s is always looking for more Befrienders; we currently offer Befriending across all the areas we support as a Hospice. To become a Befriender you need to be over 18.

For more information on how to become a Befriender please contact Catherine Holligan, our Befriending Co-ordinator, by calling 07496 073430 or 01606 555 687.