Lose the Booze for St Luke's

Kick-start 2019 with a sponsored Lose the Booze challenge for St Luke’s!

Do you have the willpower to Lose the Booze this January?

St Luke’s is setting you the Lose the Booze challenge of staying alcohol-free for the whole month of January to help raise vital funds for the Hospice.

All you need to do is collect sponsorship and then sit back and enjoy the added benefits of ditching the booze, such as saving money, increasing your energy levels and losing weight.

Angela Slack, Community Partnerships Manager, said: “January is typically the darkest and most boring month of the year so why not give yourself a warm glow inside by taking on our Lose the Booze challenge.

“Just give up alcohol for the first 31 days of 2019 and get sponsored for your sobriety.

“Not only will you be helping to fund St Luke’s Hospice and all the vital services it offers, but you will also feel the benefits yourself. Giving up alcohol is a proven way to boost your energy, lose weight and improve your sleep. You’ll also be able to pay off those Christmas credit card bills even sooner thanks to the money you’ll be saving. What a fantastic way to kick start 2018!”

All you need to get started is a sponsor form – and a lot of willpower!  And don’t worry, St Luke’s will be on hand to support you along the way!

Lose the Booze might give you some unexpected benefits

  • Weight loss from the reduction of calories consumed – an average pint of lager contains 180 calories and a large glass of wine contains 215 calories
  • Reduction in liver fat which is a precursor to liver damage
  • Reduction in blood glucose levels which is a key factor in determining Type 2 Diabetes risk

If you would like to find out more about the range of health benefits you will gain by giving up alcohol during January, please visit this page on the NHS website.