This campaign is a great platform for companies, both large and small, to utilise their business skills and innovative ideas collectively, whilst engaging with staff and working together as a team.

We will provide each company with a £50 investment and then it’s over to you to fundraise, run, invest or organise your way to the biggest profit within a 3 month time period.  We are sure it will be a great recipe for team building, gaining entrepreneurial skills, with a friendly bit of rivalry on the side against other firms in your area.

How does it work? 

  1. Get your team together and complete the Accumulator Challenge agreement form
  2. We will be in touch with your £50 investment and fundraising support pack.  This can be downloaded directly from the website.
  3. Reinvest/Fundraise over the next 3 months to raise as much as you can to become our Accumulator Team Champions.

The Benefits to your Business

  1. Increased awareness of your company by linking with a local charity and our supporter base
  2. Engagement and involvement of staff, boosting team morale and enthusiasm
  3. Fun  and engaging PR and Social media opportunities.  Don’t forget to use #SLH£50CHALLENGE
  4. Networking potential with other participating businesses
  5. Help to fulfil your corporate social responsibility objectives.
  6. Increased engagement with customers, clients and suppliers.

Sign up today

Contact Steve Cook on 01606 551245 / 07812 062148 or email