“I want to tell you about the difference St Luke’s made to me and my family at Christmas four years ago.

Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 when she was just 32, she fought so hard and was determined it would not interfere with her or our lives as we were growing up.

When she was admitted to St Luke’s in 2012 I was studying for my A Levels. As a family we felt as though a weight had been lifted off our shoulders, and we all saw the difference in her – Mum had been really struggling to eat but the nurses helped to get her eating again so she was nourished. The nurses were amazing, they ensured Mum’s pain was under control and we are truly grateful for the care given to each of us.

Christmas was Mum’s favourite time of year and she was determined to see Christmas Day, so when she decided she wanted to spend the last few days of her life at home surrounded by her family, St Luke’s helped us to do this. When she got home her pain was managed and she was comfortable, and I even remember her telling Dad off at one point which made us all laugh!

On 27th December Mum lost her brave battle with cancer, but we are all so thankful that she was able to die at home surrounded by her family. Without a doubt the care St Luke’s gave her enabled this to happen; it would have been a different story for us if St Luke’s hadn’t been there.

The Hospice gave us time with Mum that I will always treasure. We will continue to support St Luke’s so that families like ours can receive care and support when they need it most.

I’ll be supporting St Luke’s again this Christmas – and I hope you can help too by giving a donation, I know personally the difference it will make to families like mine this Christmas, thank you.”

Rosie x