I’m Jo Tomlinson and I’m Staff Nurse here at St Luke’s Hospice. I’ve been caring for people at the Hospice for 18 years now and it’s a job that I love and cherish.

We have a wonderful Hospice here in Winsford and each year we make a huge effort to ensure Christmas is a happy and precious time for our patients and their families, because we know just how important this time of year is to them.

It will cost us £31.04 to care for one of our patients for one hour this Christmas Day. Could you pay for just one of these hours? If you can, we promise to make that time as special as we can.

I’m going to be working on Christmas Day again this year and I’m really looking forward to it. It is honestly a privilege to have the responsibility of caring for someone at the end of their life, especially at Christmas, I cannot imagine having a more rewarding or fulfilling job.

It will cost the Hospice an average of £31.04 per hour for each patient this Christmas. Given how incredibly important that care, that experience and ultimately those memories are, I think that it’s worth every penny.

So, I want to ask you today, please could you help my nursing colleagues and I again, by paying for just a little bit of the exceptional care our patients will need this Christmas?

  • £6.84 will pay for a lovely Christmas meal for a patient or family member
  • £13.56 will pay for pain relieving injections so a patient is comfortable throughout the day
  • £31.04 will pay for the complete care of a patient for an hour; in that time we c an make them comfortable
    on Christmas morning and ready to welcome their family
  • £99.99 will pay for a portable nebuliser to give patients with respiratory disease the freedom to enjoy their
    Christmas at home
  • £149.04 will pay for a St Luke’s nurse to care for patients and families during their eight hour shift

Whatever you can afford to give would be wonderful, thank you. I’m sure you’re being asked to support a great many causes this Christmas but I urge you – if you only make one charitable donation – to please support St Luke’s Hospice. Whatever you can give to help us this Christmas will make a difference.