Leaving a gift in your will – no matter how large or how small – is a generous way to show your appreciation of the work that we do and to make a difference to the people who need your help.

Leaving a legacy to St Luke’s won’t cost you a penny during your lifetime, but it will be a powerful way to be remembered by others in the future.

There are three main ways you can remember St Luke’s in your will.

The ‘Family and Friends First’ Legacy

After making provision for your family and friends, you could choose to leave a portion of your estate to St Luke’s Hospice.

Cash Legacy

A cash donation is always very welcome, and to ensure its value doesn’t decrease over time you can either index link your gift or review it periodically.

Legacy in Kind

Leaving us property, shares, home contents, jewellery, furniture or any item your family does not need in your will is especially welcome. Our hospice shops will ensure your gift benefits St Luke’s.

Of course, we always recommend that you consult a solicitor when writing a will, but please feel free to talk to our fundraising team on 01606 551246 to discuss the possibilities beforehand.