Welcome to St Luke’s tongue in cheek Office Olympics, where our only ban is on Hobnobs!

Biscuit brew challenge

Test your biscuit against your brew with a competition to see who can dunk for the longest without letting go. Want to get your team motivated? You can’t beat a bit of Peter Kay…

Paperclip challenge

Challenge your colleagues to see who can link together the most paperclips in 30 seconds. It’s harder than it sounds…

Desk chair race / obstacle course

Challenge an opponent and race down a corridor, around the office or outside. Set your own rules – are hands allowed? Should racers have seconds added to their time if they cheat?

Rubber band archery

Set up a target and take aim to hit the bulls eye with points for getting the closest. Points can be deducted for any rogue rubber bands that end up flying about!

Pencil javelin

Sharpen those pencils and see who can get the furthest. We couldn’t actually find a pencil in our office, so maybe the challenge could have two parts!

Olympic quiz

Test your Olympic knowledge against your office mates. Sorry no links or suggestions here otherwise everyone would be coming out with top points and their could end up being calls for a blanket ban!

Bin basketball 

Use a ball and bounce your way to the bin, or replace it with scrunched up wastepaper and see how many shots on target you can get in 30 seconds.

Closing ceremony 

Keep track of the teams’ points and crown a winner at the end in a closing ceremony! We would love to all your funny pictures so please share them with us on Facebook or Twitter, and if you have more crazy ideas we can add them throughout the tournament!